How small-engine cars beat big-engine cars

There is no doubt that cars with big engines have an irresistible allure. However, in this day and age with the economy being volatile as it is, you may find that small-engine cars are more suitable. In this article, we look into why you should consider a small-engine car. You will soon enough see just why they are a beauty in their own right.


Small-engine cars come cheap. That is their first perk. You will not have to sell your kidney to buy one. They are very affordable. This could be assumed to be because they required fewer materials to manufacture and build as compared to large cars.

Fuel Consumption

The fact that small-engine cars consume less fuel should cause an instant attraction towards them. Who doesn’t want to save an extra penny? They have better gas mileage than big-engine cars and this makes them more economical and more fuel-efficient. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly car, consider a small-engine car.


Moreover, vehicles with smaller engines are cheaper to maintain in the long run. This is because their smaller engines are more efficient meaning fewer trips to the mechanic shop for maintenance. Fewer trips equal to more money and time savings. Another plus is that in the event of replacement or repair, the cost of replacing parts of a small-engine car far cheaper than those of a big-engine one. You should also note that your mechanic will most likely charge you less on a small-engine than a big one. The justification being it is easier to work on.


For people who have an inclination towards green products, you will definitely fall in love with small-engine cars. Their carbon emissions are far less as compared to their larger engine counterparts.  If you are sensitive to the environment, that they produce fewer emissions because they’re more efficient should have an instant appeal. But even if you don’t really care about the environment, the news that you are making a positive impact should be motivation enough.


This should sound appealing especially if you live in a busy city or town. A small-engine car is easier to drive down narrow, busy one-way streets. They also happen to be easier to park moreover, parallel-park. With all the hassle that is synonymous with driving in a busy city, it is nice to know that with small-engine cars, the stress is greatly reduced.


Because of all the benefits associated with small-engine cars, it is no wonder they are increasingly gaining popularity. Small-engine cars are easier to resell than their larger-engine counterparts. Buying a small-engine cars is clearly also making a future investments.


With the increasing technological advances, newer small-engine models are beginning to have similar or even more horsepower than big-engine vehicles. This means that it is slowly becoming a myth that small-engine vehicles have less horsepower than big-engine ones. Car manufacturers have been able to squeeze more horsepower by using turbo-engines yet still preserve their fuel-efficiency which is definitely great news.


Don’t let their small-engines fool you into believing they are less spacious. Small-engine cars which also happen to be small in body have a surprising amount of space inside. Sometimes their space may even be larger than that of their larger engine counterparts.

It is abundantly clear that small-engine cars were designed in response to the growing needs of the population. They provide a cheap means of transport, have a lower carbon print yet still managing to be spacious and powerful. They are equivalent to manna, an answer to our prayers. They beyond a doubt prove that bigger is not always better.