About Us

Abbicoil Loans is the perfect company for anyone looking for a logbook loan. At Abbicoil Loans we consider ourselves logbook loan gurus and when you become part of our community, you expose yourself to the most friendly, understanding and transparent creditors in all of the UK. We consider our customers partners in our growth and therefore, expect to be treated with the same respect accorded to an esteemed stakeholder.

Abbicoil Loans was started with one objective – To provide fast financial aid to people who have been rejected by traditional lenders. We have upheld this objective ever since and transformed it to our company’s mission. Basically the air we breathe.

That we have assisted thousands of people through our company is living proof that we are walking the walk and talking the talk. Furthermore, to reinforce that we provide the best services in the UK, we can attest that majority of customers have made use of our services more than once.

The backbone of our company is transparency. We believe that if we weren’t straightforward from the go, we wouldn’t be celebrating years in the logbook industry. We aren’t in the business of creating Trojan horses but that of assisting people so expect no hidden agendas. Our contracts are very simple even in language; no ambiguous words. In fact, if you suspect any vagueness in any of our terms, feel free to contact us for clarifications.

Everybody is welcome to be part of us. We don’t discriminate against people. Feel welcome to join us especially if you have a poor credit rating because we don’t care about your credit score. There is no credit check in our company, just quick solutions.

Furthermore, not only are we fast at availing people with credit, we also have very affordable rates. You need not worry about having to pay an arm and a chair in repayment. Our goal remains to help people not to hurt them. With our repayment periods being spread over longer periods of time you won’t even feel the pinch of making repayments. As a matter fact, we have so many plans available to choose from and in the sad event that you fail to find one, we are beyond willing to tailor make one for you. Truly, you just cannot be disappointed with us

Sounds too good to be true? Did we say that we are fully licensed and authorised by the Financial Authority? Meaning, you can be assured that we are legit.

We aren’t done yet. It is about time we mention that we have a 100% acceptance rates. In fact, never in the history of our company has anyone with the logbook of a road-worthy car been denied a loan. In fact, you can get a logbook loan on the same car, so long as you have the logbook, as many times as you want. You may even get a better offer if you repeatedly use our services.